Cases and Materials On The EU Private International Law

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Yazar : Nuray Ekşi
Basım Tarihi : Mayıs 2006
Sayfa Sayısı : 320
Kağıt Türü : 1. Hamur
Kapak Türü : Karton
Basım Yeri : İstanbul
ISBN : 9944-941-21-2
ISBN (Online) : 978-605-315-682-6
Boyut : 16*23
Dili : İngilizce

Nuray EKŞİ

This Volume Presents A Compilation Of The Most İmportant Legal Sources And Materials From The Law Of The European Union İn The Fields Of International Private Law And International Civil Procedure. The Level Of Significance That İnstitutions Of The European Union Attach To Harmonising Provisions For The Conflict Of Law İs Demonstrated Quite İmpressively Simply By The Number Of Relevant Legal Norms That Already Exist Or Are Being Prepared. The Consequences For Legal Practice Have Been Brought Home By Numerous Court Rulings, A Number Of Which Are Presented İn The Second Part Of This Work.

There Are Two Reasons Why This Book Comes As An Especially Welcome Signal. Firstly, İt Was Prepared By An Editor From Turkey And Thus Reflects The Great Growth Of İnterest İn Eu Legislation Which İs Already Taking Place İn Turkey As İt Moves Closer To The Eu. A Second Wonderful Aspect About The Book İs That İt Has Been Edited By Prof. Dr. Nuray Ekşi, Whom I Have Known Now For Many Years And Whom I Hold To Be One Of The Outstanding Legal Scholars Of Her Country’s Younger Generation. With Her Work, Nuray Ekşi Represents The İncreasing Number Of Academics At Turkish Law Faculties For Whom Expertise On The Law Of The European Union İs A Matter Of Course.

I Am Convinced That This Book Will Be Of Great Value To All Students And Practicing Lawyers Who Are Looking For A Cogent, Straightforward Guide To Legal Sources And Materials From Eu Law İn The Fields Of International Private Law And International Civil Procedure.

Univ.- Prof. Dr. Martin Schauer

Universität Wien

Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Institute Für Zivilrecht